Lower School Theatre: Update

  • Room 3 has been having a great time in drama class! We have been focusing on learning the fundamentals of improv, specifically the concept of a “where,” or a location that a scene takes place. Students are learning how pantomiming objects can help establish their location and help signal to their classmates which one they are acting out. We’ve also begun to branch out to combining objects with an environment to help make our locations more specific, like a “classroom underwater” or a “playground on the moon.”
  • Room 4 has been doing a great job applying what they’ve learned about the concept of a “where,” or a location that a scene takes place. They have been playing a team game where they try to demonstrate locations to their teammates by pantomiming objects. The locations get tougher as the game continues, but Room 4 has been very imaginative and spirited.
  • Room 5 is mastering the concept of a “where,” or a location that a scene takes place. They are learning to demonstrate more challenging locations with less obvious objects, like an airport or a rollercoaster. They are learning to consider that while many objects could potentially be found in a location, there are certain ones that will help demonstrate a location to an audience better than others. Room 5 has been very focused and creative as they master these new skills!